- "Literally glued to my screen because I can’t stop staring at my images!!" - Shannon

- "We can't believe how beautiful these pictures are - actually wait let me rephrase that we can believe it after working with you because you are exceptional. " - Kelly

Photo of me by my friend, the lovely Rachel McGrath!

Photo of me by my friend, the lovely Rachel McGrath!

Hello there, I'm Ashley!

I’m not a cookie-cutter photographer. I’m not here to churn out photos that fit in with every other wedding, because where is the joy in that? I’m not just for the “wild and adventurous”, or the “crazy in love”. I am a photographer for humans who feel. I’m a photographer who will tear up during your first dance. That means that at your wedding, I’ll be there for the moments when you are scared, nervous, excited, in tears, belly-laughing, and the moments when you’re at the reception table catching a glimpse of your forever that’s personified by your new spouse.

Your photography is your legacy. It’s what your kids will look at and their kids and it’s what family will dig out of their basement in 60 years. It’s little pieces of you sewn into jpegs. Let’s make those pieces as truthful as we know how.



recent work on the blog with some wonderful people:



Photographer for people who want to look at their photos & feel deeply.

So let's go - to your wedding, to the coast, to a forest, a field, a mountain, a chapel. Nova Scotia is packed with endless beautiful options even just within an hour of Halifax. Let's go somewhere that makes you feel you. I'll do everything I can to capture it.




My Instagram is @ashleyceciliaphoto, come say hi!



L E T ‘ S T A L K!

Yayy I can’t wait to connect with you! Photography, whether it be weddings, portrait, boudoir, family, brand, any kind really, is so personal - it can often reveal parts of us that we didn’t know before! I can’t wait to discover that with you.

Please allow up to 48 hours to get a response. I always do my best to answer as soon as I possibly can, but some days can get busier than others! If you don’t hear back from me it’s possible something happened with the email. Feel free to send a text to (905) 995-1734, my cellphone, if it’s been more than 48 hours!

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